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Appropriate Use of J-1 Summer Work and Travel Visas
May 2, 2023


The J-1 Summer Work and Travel program increases collaboration between the United States and the Dominican Republic by allowing Dominican students who are enrolled full time and pursuing studies at post-secondary colleges and universities to come to the United States during their summer vacation to share their culture and ideas with people of the United States.

In recent years, the Dominican Republic has become one of the largest participating countries in the world, with more than 8,000 students participating in 2022. To keep this program successful, it is critical that all participants comply with the terms of the J-1 visa during their stay and return to the Dominican Republic on time.  Travelers who misuse the program violate U.S. immigration laws, permanently affect their immigration records, and jeopardize the future success of the program in the Dominican Republic by making it harder for other students to participate.

If you are aware of any fraud related to this program or in general, please report it to fraud@state.gov. Reporting is anonymous and confidential. Thank you for partnering with us in preserving the integrity of the immigration system.

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