Apply Early For Peak Holiday Travel!

April 4th, 2016

Vacation trips are on everyone’s mind. If you intend to travel to the U.S. during the summer, get your visa application in early! It is never too soon to apply. Summer is our peak travel season. With so many wanting to travel, there may be longer waits at every step of the process.  Complete the application process sufficiently in advance of your desired travel date.  When scheduling appointments for your interviews, be flexible regarding available dates and times.  Keep in mind, additional time is needed for printing and delivery of a visa.  If you are renewing your visa, you don’t have to wait until it expires to do so.  When planning your travel, check your visa and those of your children to be sure they haven’t expired.  Plan ahead to avoid disappointment at the last minute because a visa has expired.    Remember:  Apply Early!

What should I expect at my interview on appointment day?

Please arrive on time for your interview, approximately 15 minutes before.  Remember, the Consular Section does not have parking for applicants.  It is not necessary to arrive hours in advance. To enter our facilities, you will go through a security check to confirm you have no prohibited items (i.e., cell phones, electronics, sharp objects, sealed envelopes or large bags).  Please review the complete list here:

After passing through security, our staff will first indicate where to wait and then which interview window you will go to when it is your turn.  When you approach the window, please hand the consular officer your passport and confirmation page.  Keep calm and listen carefully to the questions so that you can give concise, accurate answers. Speak at an appropriate volume so that the officer can hear you well.  It is important to give complete responses; the officer needs clear, detailed information to analyze your ties to the country.  At the end of the interview, you will be informed of the decision and handed a paper that either explains how to collect your passport once the visa is printed or the details of the law under which your visa application was denied. You should then leave through the same door you used to enter.