Ambassador Brewster Visits ISA University

Santiago – On May 1, during his first trip to the city of Santiago, United States Ambassador, James W. Brewster, visited the facilities of the Agricultural University (ISA). During his visit, Ambassador Brewster participated in the usual tree planting ceremony. This is an important tradition dating back half a century, carried out every time a U.S. ambassador is appointed in Dominican Republic, given the United States Government’s key role in the creation of once Agriculture Institute, today ISA University.

After the tree planting ceremony, Ambassador Brewster addressed the audience highlighting the university’s trajectory during its 50 years of existence: “Our relationship with this academic organization has endured decades, with many ISA graduates being awarded scholarships to Texas A & M University, which in turn have become decision-makers and achieved important leadership roles in Dominican society.

During his remarks, Ambassador Brewster said the ISA University’s new USG funded agro-climatological station, will help agro climate systems improve responses to climate change and variations.

After concluding the tour of the facilities, Ambassador Brewster met with University President, Benito Ferreiras, to discuss continuing joint projects.