Always Write Your Full Name on Forms

Monday, September 12, 2016

Always write your full name on the forms

When filling out the forms for a visa application, most applicants solely write their first name and one surname. This delays the visa process, wasting time, effort, and even money, because of the steps needed to correct the errors.

It is very important that when the forms are filled out, all the names and all surnames in front of the passport are written.

Similarly, applicants should carefully review the information regarding names, date of birth and gender before pressing the submit button when finishing the form.

With this recommendation, we hope that more inconveniences are avoided, as well of some of the stress generated by this process, especially before the appointment.

Cell phones at the US Consulate

Here’s something you may not have considered:  did you realize that you are not allowed to bring your cell phone into the Consular Section of the Embassy?  When you arrive for your visa appointment you will have to go through security, including a metal detector, and if you bring your cell phone you will not be allowed to bring it into the building.  There are no lockers in or near the waiting area, so what happens to your cell phone?  If you came by car, you can leave it in your car, but if you came by other means, that option is not available.  Some people leave a friend or family member standing outside holding the phone, but that may not be possible for everyone.  What can you do?  Plan ahead—your only option may be to just leave it home that day.  There are some people on the street who may offer to hold your phone for you, for a fee.  How much do you trust a perfect stranger to hold your phone?