U.S. Embassy and Ministry of Higher Education Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Fulbright-MESCyT Scholarships

Santo Domingo, D.N.- The United States Ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Robin Bernstein, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Alejandrina Germán, hosted a reception to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Fulbright-MESCyT scholarship program, which has sent more than 80 Dominican students since 2008 to complete master’s and doctoral studies in the United States with the support of both governments. 

The Fulbright-MESCyT program, totaling a joint investment of approximately six million dollars over the past ten years (an average of eight Dominican fellows per year) in priority areas such as economics, arts, education, science, health, and international relations, which have been identified as key for the development of the Dominican Republic.

Ambassador Bernstein stated in her keynote speech that “education and, even further, exchange programs, not only promote economic growth and mutual understanding, but also contribute to improving the lives of people here and in the United States. Exchanges promote academic and commercial relations, improve tourism and increase the opportunity to further strengthen the close ties our people already enjoy.”

While the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Alejandrina Germán, said that “the contribution made by Senator Fulbright’s program has been of great value. Graduated professionals have contributed their talents to the development of our country, or in other areas of professional practice that allows them to apply their knowledge and move towards higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness and quality in their work .”

Historian Frank Moya Pons,  a 1967 Fulbrighter, offered a few words in representation of the alumni community stating “I am sure almost all the alumni experienced a similar process of discovery and cultural transformation when coming into direct contact with the American academy and culture, and with thousands of students from all over the world; the majority will agree that it was a worthy experience, because they were transformed into agents of change and modernization, and as individuals with a stronger democratic culture.”

The reception was held at Ambassador Bernstein’s residence, where members of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, government officials, business representatives, representatives of civil society, Alumni of the program attended the event. 

About the Fulbright- MESCyT scholarships

In 2008, nine students started master’s and doctoral programs as part of the first cohort and since then a total of 86 students have benefited from the scholarship. The Fulbright-MESCyT fellows, comprised of 60% women and 40% men, currently have reinserted themselves in the job market and are working in the private sector, Government, non-profit organizations and Dominican universities.

For more information and content about the program and its alumni, you can look for the #10añosfulbrightmescyt hashtag on social media. 


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